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Simple Tips to Develop Your Child’s Listening Skills

It becomes highly important for your little ones to acquire the best and enhanced listening skills since their childhood. As a parent, you ought to understand the validity and importance of listening comprehension skills.

Today, the best CBSE school in Bangalore is here to enlighten the parent about the importance of listening comprehension skills. The children will be able to understand the meaning of words heard and will be able to relate to the same in the same way. When your little one hears a story, listening comprehension will allow them to understand it clearly, remember it, talk about it and even retell the same in their version.

Here is what you can do to develop your child’s listening skills –

Get their full attention

Encourage your little ones to look at you and listen attentively. Their full attention is very important. This will help them get into the habit of listening with full concentration on what is being said to them.

Make reading an interactive activity

While reading aloud, stop before you are turning the page. Interact with them, ask them what is going to come next. Ask them to seek an answer from them to know how much they have been listening. If they are attentive enough, they will participate. That is where the entire subject of doing this arises.

Play listening games

Online games could help your child build listening comprehension skills in a fun and rewarding manner. You can ask your little ones to find the objects around the house by giving them two‑part verbal instructions, then gradually progress to three‑part, four‑part, and so on.

Play “story chain”

Here the whole family can get together. One person can start an original story by saying one line. Then you go in a circle to continue with the story and every person will contribute to preparing the story.

Emphasize common speech signals

Help your children to listen for important cues by emphasizing common speech signals while you are talking. There could include different sorts of words like now, next, and finally.

Help your child to build their vocabulary

Children could get stuck on a word they are unable to understand. You can use books, visuals, flashcards, charts, and online games to build in your little one’s vocabulary. This will further help them in their listening skills.

Be a good listener 

While your children are talking, do listen to them. Hear what they have to say. Give positive indicators like nodding, smiling, and following up with words and questions to garner their interest more.

While you are doing all of it, do not tend to expect that your child is processing the information. It is just an interesting concept to garner their attention. Like the way we do exercise to keep ourselves healthy and fit, in the same way, these simple stuff will help in building up the strength.

You never expect that your child processes information if it is lengthy, out of context, or not particularly interesting to them. Try to Focus on building learning comprehension skills in a best,  fun, and supportive way and remember to always be patient. The best school in Bangalore will provide you with all such information for the future development of your little ones.