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Stepping Stones to Carve a Niche

Gone are the days when conventional courses like Engineering and Medicine were considered the best options for students. Today there are a wide range of innovative and lucrative educational courses to choose from-Be it architecture, communications, advertising, interior design- choices are plenty. Students, soon after completing their Class 10 board exams have hundreds of vocational counseling, career advisors et al. to go to, to cement their choice for further studies. Students these days are taught to be cautious while taking a decision on further studies. Youngsters these days also know that if they make a wrong move, they can be pushed off the fast track, and will wallow in the shallow waters of mediocrity and stagnation.

This is when orientation comes into the picture. Orientation programs are designed to guide students to choose relevant courses that can help them pursue careers of their choice. These programmes are an induction to a student who enter Pre-University or +2 after completing their Class 10 exams. Orientation sessions conducted by schools help students connect better with the institution by taking them through the student experience in school, learn more about campus resources, educational prospects and diversified courses of global standards that are offered.

Introducing students to the institution’s curriculum also plays a significant role in helping a student understand what impact they have on their university prospects. Courses like the IB Diploma Programme and the IGCSE Programme are administered by international educational forums. They are academically challenging, helps them think globally and helps in the holistic development of the child. ICSE and ISC programmes, certified by the Indian boards augments the child’s academic horizons. Orientation programs act as a bridge between the institution and students and parent community.

Students get firsthand information on the school/ university culture, number of clubs, how to get involved in these clubs- be it book club, theatre, science clubs, art clubs, creative clubs amongst others. A host of extra-curricular activities provided by the institution can be explained in detail to the students. For parents too, orientation programs is a window of opportunity to communicate with the institution. It lets them understand the various vocations that are made available to their children, career prospects that can be gained through myriad creative courses and most importantly practices of the school that helps them alter their perspective on today’s education.

Orientation programmes are the stepping stones for students to comprehend the innumerable academic opportunities that could be taken up post their Class 10 exams. It lets them broaden their outlook on various other unconventional or offbeat courses through which they can carve their career successfully. The world is their oyster and induction to anything that is holistic goes a long way in shaping a student’s educational future.