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Parent of Jaivardhan Mishra – Grade EY A

I want to express my gratitude to Tasneem Mam for your hard work and innovative teaching methods, which greatly enhance the children’s future in such a positive way.Tasneem Mam has a really jolly and cheerful nature, which makes learning enjoyable for the Kids. She is a superb teacher with great knowledge and her Happy- Go- Lucky attitude makes the Kids feel comfortable, allowing them to learn in a fun way. Thank you so much Tasneem Mam for caring for my son( Jaivardhan Mishra) and ensuring he feels comfortable at school.

I want to thank Anuradha Mam who is very supportive and ready to answer all our queries. Her approachable nature makes communication easy and effective. Enrolling my son (Jaivardhan Mishra – Early Years) in GreenwoodHigh Ecity is a great decision we made.

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