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Greenwood High International School hosted the eighth edition of the interschool quiz competition
‘Wissen 2023’ at its Bannerghatta Road campus on 18 th August 2023.
The active participation from over 700 students across prominent schools in India and Bangalore
gave the show its glamour and showcased the competitive spirit and exhilarating energy among the
The quiz was conducted with a lot of vigour and spirit by renowned quiz master Vinay Mudaliar and
revolved around current affairs, history, sports, entertainment etc. Wissen aimed to create
awareness in the young minds across the nation for plastic free surroundings indicating the purpose
of the competition.
Wissen 2023 was won by National Public School, HSR layout, who secured the first prize of Rs.
100,000. The second prize of Rs. 50,000 was won by PSBB Learning Leadership Academy, and the
third prize of Rs. 25,000 went to Christ Academy.
Urban living has become synonymous with environmental pollution and hence there is a need to
devise methods to create a green atmosphere.
Greenwood High consistently strives to educate young minds to indulge in practices for a better,
safer, and more sustainable future. The competition revolved around the engagement of the
students in proactive practices for the betterment of the environment.
WISSEN – The Quiz for Young India has always proved itself to be a quiz that unlocks students’
potential. Through WISSEN, students “think outside the box” from diverse perspectives. The grand
success and jubilant faces paired with the positive exposure gained by the students made the event
a one to cherish and remember .