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Under-7 Inter School Chess Tournament held at Vidya Sagar Nurture

Prachi Dayal ( Grade 1 I ) ) won the inter school chess tournament for under-7 age group held at Vidya Sagar Nurture on 16-2-2013. Prachi scored 5 points from 5 rounds and won the girls title. Zoya Nizar (1 G) scored 4 points and tied for the second place and based on her tie break score secured the third position. Shraddha Somanath ( KG 1 C) scored 3 points and secured 5th position.
In the boys section Dhiren V Reddy (1 A) scored 3.5 points and secured the 5th position. All the above four players got gold medals based on their performance in the tournament.

Other participants performance: 
Lipika Gupta ( 1 a)- 3 points- 7th position
Yashika Bharadwaj(1 c)- 2.5 points- 8th position
Mayank Shekar ( 1 g)- 2.5 points- 9th position
Shashank Balaji ( 1 d)- 2 points- 11th position
Srivishnu Raja Vusirikala (1 b)- 2 points – 13th position
Aniketh Ganta( 1 h)- 1.5 points- 15th position
Kanav Dang ( 1 c)- 1.5 points- 17th position
Total 36 students (18 in boys section and 18 in girls section) from 5 schools took part in this event.