List of 20 Dry Fruits 

Introduction  It is a myth when some people say that healthy and nutritious food always tastes bitter, and sweet and tasty ones spoil health. Well, it is time to break such by cracking some dry fruits open and adding them to our list of diets that are naturally sweet, creamy, and some shots of saltness. […]

20 Must-Visit Historical Places in India 

Introduction Historical places of India are the platforms to narrate the rich diversity of all sorts that have been the peculiarity of the nation. The enriching cultural and traditional diaspora since ages and their evolution can be understood. Each historical place or monument has a story to narrate and retell that captivates its tourists or […]

Top 10 Road Safety Rules That Every Kid Should Know

Introduction  Kids need to be smart and active in various prospects, but holding their curiosity and activeness while on the road is a responsible task to be taught by the parents or guardians. There is a need for traffic education to be taught in classrooms and even personally to ensure their safe return and reach. […]

Underground Abodes – A Look at the Burrowing Animals and Their Homes 

Introduction  Do you know suddenly where any animal comes from except those who are shown openly grazing on the fields or fostered in some sheds or commanding from some dens? All the other habitats do make a home for themselves, they are called ‘Burrows’. Each variety makes its own or occupies others making them their […]

Backward Counting for Kids: Fun and Educational Activities 

Introduction Learning is fun when it has the purpose of applying the content practically in our daily lives. Mathematics, being a subject reputed to be the scary one can be warded off if some methods were taught to the kids from a very young age. Each method has its techniques or keeps on evolving to […]

Different Shape Names with Pictures for Kids

Introduction  Fascinating aspects come in distinct shapes and formats that have great educational value for the kids to learn. So, let’s try to understand what are 2d, 3d, and irregular geometric shapes and how these are useful in our lives. Spatial Awareness – Understanding shapes with examples to kids enhances their knowledge in spatial aspects […]

List of active and dormant volcanoes in India

Introduction Volcanoes have great scenic value on wallpaper, landscape portraits, or charts with a love of orange, red, and yellow hues with bright and impactful sights. But what is a volcano is nature’s spectacle exploding into the other side of nature’s calmness. The volatile and high pressure with intensity gives rise to a breathtaking eruption. […]

Must-Learn 50 Opposite Words in English for Kids

Introduction  Learning Anything is ‘not easy’, but what is the exact word to define such expression, the word should be ‘hard’. So, the opposite of something that is ‘easy’ is ‘hard’. Any contrasting view shouldn’t be just by adding ‘not’ before such a word, an exact meaning of a word that is contrasting in expression […]

Understanding Consecutive Numbers: A Simple Guide with Examples

Introduction  Before knowing of what constitutes consecutive numbers, it is important to understand the meaning of ‘consecutive’. The term means ‘following each other continuously’. So the term consecutive numbers means they are a sequence of integers where each number continuously the other in an order without any gaps. Defining Consecutive Numbers The numbers that follow […]

Unsung Heroes: Freedom fighters of India

Unsung heroes are those whose ballads are not always entertained anywhere, but in the time of need for such spirit, many such great heroes are defined through various accounts of stories and legends to look up to. Though some of the heroes’ struggles go noticed or unnoticed, their diligence and commitment towards independence go beyond […]