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How is Blended Learning Helping in COVID Times?

With corona virus cases rising with every passing second, Technology has given this world a lot of assistance to get back on its feet. When it comes to academics, the blending learning session is certainly on the rise and has become one of the sustainable methods to deal with learning in the current scenario.

With the number of schools opening back following all the pandemic preparedness models, there are many going back to the blended learning model. If the situation goes back towards again then this model will certainly help us get the teaching process online.

What Is Blended Learning?

When it comes to blended learning, it means that the students will be able to participate in both physical and virtual classes. The students will be able to choose between online and on-campus classes according to their convenience and get their learning needs covered without any fear of superbug. Greenwood High School is one of the examples that have implemented this model and has helped a number of students get their educational needs covered without having to worry about the COVID-19 factor at all.

Being the best International School in Bangalore, we have enhanced our safety protocols that include the use of acrylic shields and thermal scanners regularly every time a student or staff enters or goes. Not only this, but we are also making sure that every single individual available on campus is making use of their masks and face shields every time.

So, we have following strict protocols to ensure that every single student is protected from any kind of infection and they are also able to have their academics covered without any stress about the virus.

Virtual Learning

When it comes to online learning, students will be benefited from access to all the course materials. For students it will become easier to get their assignment shared through the online portal. So every aspect related to the academic will be covered online seamlessly. The children will be able to take part in the different activities is Virtually as well. Our teachers will be available all the way to ensure that every single student is getting the best online facilities with which they will be able to have their courses covered without any difficulty whatsoever.

Benefits Of This Model

To make it more clear, below mentioned are the benefits of implementing blended learning to get started with the school life again, check it out:

  1. Firstly, it is a sustainable approach that will be considered for months to come until the virus is completely out of context. This approach is focusing on a long-term scenario but it makes this a very sustainable method to follow. So it will keep the classes on without any difficulty whatsoever.
  2. With the assistance of blended learning, students will also be benefited with different types of learning styles. It will be a completely new experience for the students as they will be engaging with the teachers online. The use of emails will be taking place other than the boards. You will be able to discuss every single aspect through different chat platforms and also understand your queries by posting it online.
  3. Another benefit that this form of learning brings into play helping students to have a lot of time in hand. With online tutoring, they will be able to save time by cutting transportation. This means they will be able to accomplish their assignments without any difficulty.

So this shows how blended learning is growing and has exclusively become one of the best approaches to help students with a safe learning environment that will allow them to get started to their learning experience again!