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Greenwood High Students win International Chessathon 2020

Immensely proud to announce that Greenwood High International School has won the International Chessathon 2020 – a Global Inter School Online Chess Tournament organized by Sports For All [SFA] and FIT INDIA in association with DPS Bangalore.

We have secured the 1st position in the overall standing in the Challengers Round and Champions Round apart from “SHE IS GOLD” Award with the highest number of girl participants.

Out of 2759 participants from 543 schools representing 4 continents and 12 countries, who took part in this mega prestigious online Chess event, our students have scored a total of 585 points, secured 1st place and have won many Individual Cash prizes in the Champions Round.

Aaheli Chatterjee, Anandhi P, Yash Abhijit Patil, Nishanth S Gowda, Shraddha Somanath, Yash Jayesh Laddha, Shubh Jayesh Laddha, Anya Seth Syed and Vedant Gupta were the top performers in the Champions Round. Apart from them, many others have also played well and qualified in both Challengers and Champions Round.

Greenwood High is very proud of every one of you!