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Greenwood High Won Inter School Chess Titles

Greenwood High International School won Both  Boys and Girls Team  Titles at the Gear Festival -Inter School Team chess Tournament held at Gear Innovative International School on 28th August 2019.

In Open Category Greenwood High ‘A’ Team scored 9 points (Tie break score 15)  and  won the Title. Delhi Public School East Secured the 1st Runner Up place with 9 points. Greenwood High ‘B’ Team secured the 2nd Runner Up position with 7 points.

In the Girls Category Greenwood High ‘A’ Team won the Title with 10 points. They won all their 5 Rounds. Host Gear International School secured the 1st Runner up position with 8 Points. Greenwood High ‘C’ Team secured the 2nd Runner up position with 7 points.


OPEN CATEGORY: Gear Int. School ‘A’ Team lost to Greenwood High’A’ Team  (1.5-2.5)  .  Delhi public School (East) beat SCACE (2.5-1.5). Greenwood High ‘B” Team beat SAMS ‘B’ Team (3-1). SAMS ‘A’ Team beat SCACE ‘B’ Team (3-1).

GIRLS CATEGORY;Sri Aurobindo Memorial ‘A’ Team lost to Greenwood High ‘A’ Team (1-3), DPS East lost to Gear School (1-3), Gear School ‘B” team lost to Greenwood High ‘B’ Team ( 0-4), SAMS ‘D’ Team lost to Greenwood high ‘C’ Team (0.5-3.5).

The following students of Greenwood High won the board prizes for their best performance

OPEN CATEGORY: in  board 1:Shubh Jayesh Laddha won 3rd place. In Board 2: Ridhyan Gupta won 1st palce, Ishir Johari won 2nd place, In board 3 yash Jayesh Laddha won 1st place.

GIRLS CATEGORY: In Board 1 Anya Seth syed won 1st Place, In Board 2 Zoya Nizar Won 2nd place, In board 3 Ishita Ladha won 1st place and Aashi Agarwal won 2nd Place, In board 4  Shraddha Somanath won 1st Place.

The following Students of Greenwood High won the category Individual Prizes:

OPEN CATEGORY:  Avidh Gupta won 2nd Place in the Category 1. Naitik Kumar won 3rd place in Category 2 .Ridhyan Gupta won 3rd Place in Category 3.   Yash Jayesh Laddha won 1st place in Category 4 .

GIRLS CATEGORY: Saanvi Saxena won 1st Place and Shambhavi Banerjee won 3rd in category 1.  Anandhi P won 2nd Place in category 2. Nikita Nale won 2nd Place in Category 3.  Anya Seth Syed won 1st Place  and Zoya Nizar won 3rd Place in the category 5.