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Greenwoodite Riddhima Srivastava from Grade 3A is now a Certified Game Developer

Yes, you heard that right! Greenwood High is really proud to share that one of our Grade 3 children, Riddhima Srivastavahas been issued a Certified Game Developer Certificate. She has been pursuing coding curriculum with WhiteHat Jr during the lockdown.

Riddhima, hereby, shares her experience in designing and creating the app.

“Being my first app, I wanted to create a simple yet useful one. I was excited to design and develop this app which is called Unit Converter. My experience in making this was fun and I absolutely enjoyed it. I kept modifying and tweaking it until I achieved the desired result. I hope it is useful since it will help people to convert units easily. I also look forward to create several such useful apps for children of my age. I have always been interested in learning new things and adding those into my area of interests. And I’mreally happy to see my first app being published on Google Play Store!”

Check out Riddhima’s first published app, Unit Converter, on the following link: