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Jyotiraaditya & His Love for Robotics

My journey in exploring robotics journey started when I was in Grade 4. Ialways found myself to be fascinated by robots, how it moves, and how it can be controlled. I started learning with a small Institute little far off from my house and I remember how ourPrincipal, Mr. Aloysius D’Mello Sir accommodated by allowing us to leave early on Tuesdays. In fact, my father got me a Lego EV3 Kit from United States on my birthday and that thrilled me to no limits.

I attended a few small workshops during summer season and always tried to make something new and innovative. Once I had designed something like the London Bridge with motion sensors, motion sensors escalator, safety gears for mobiles and so on.

I greatly enjoy my robotics classes in school as we started with EV3 this year. My journey of the Virtual World Robot Olympiad conducted thisyear was simply amazing. There were so many children worldwide working on the given challenges. I worked very hard for a month and 3 days during the competition and it made me learn so much more about the world of robotics. I love gaming and I want to have a gaming company of my own like the Fortnite.Apart from my parents, the facilitators and my robotics teachers, I want to especially thank my Principal for always encouraging and supporting us students in every possible way.