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Learning that Goes Beyond Teaching

As Albert Einstein rightly puts it, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think”. Over the years, education has gone through a revolution of sorts. There has been an immense transformation of education with the introduction of technology and new approaches to learning that has altered the conventional purpose of education. It has gone beyond classrooms and examinations but has evolved to emphasize on learning and careers.

Learning how to manage one’s career is a lifelong process which needs to start early on in secondary school. Gone are the days when learning was confined to classroom teachings and acing examinations. Educational and vocational counselling post Class 10 examinations play a pivotal role in helping students realize their realm of interest and encouraging them to pursue the same.

New Vistas 

The significance of education, for a great part, lies in its ability to open new vistas for students. It expands our outlook and teaches us to be tolerant towards other views. An educated person will find it easier to understand a different point of view than the one who is uneducated. Education broadens a student’s horizons and acts as the way forward to greater enlightenment – the ultimate goal of every human in life.

Educational Counselling 

Introduction of personality and SWOT analysis early in the curriculum determines a student’s interests, strengths and personality. This analysis plays a big part in defining the kind of career that would provide them with the most personal satisfaction. There are many free resources available that help high school students figure out which careers they’re best suited for.

Many online career assessment websites give students the opportunity to answer questions about themselves and their interests, and then get immediate feedback about professions that best fit their personality.

Fostering Innovation  

Education nurtures a student’s ability to think out of the box and innovate things that can give birth to entrepreneurship. Just like our alumnus, Nikita Agarwal who has successfully launched her online startup, the institution encourages all the students by bringing in a fresh approach to learning and fostering intellectual diversity.

Education is of utmost importance for the progress of a nation and for the enrichment of society in general. Schools and other educational institutes define the basic framework of education by carving put the fundamentals. Learning creates global citizens who are collaborative, creative and inquisitive to churn innovations and carve a niche for themselves  beyond classrooms.