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Peer Tutoring Club

Jaanhavi and her classmates designed, and established a very thoughtful initiative – Peer Tutoring Club in school. Apart from her, there are Sahiti Padala, Vedant Narayanswami, Dhruv Arun Nair, Ishita Ladha, Keerthana Rajesh, Neelofar Sherief, Aadyant Anand, Priyansh Joshi, Mihir Milind, Halapeth, and Akshat Goyal from Grade 8 and 9 combined who came forward together and established this club.

Here’s what Jaanhavi Kher from Grade 9 has to say to the school, “As this academic year comes to an end, I would like to thank you and your office for the support in the establishment of this Club in our school. I am grateful to say we have had around 60 students come forward and ask their doubts from the Peer Tutors. I hope my fellow peers continue to benefit from this Club in the following years.”

Such a great initiative, Jaanhavi & Team! Keep continuing the great work!