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Ragini Chandran who made dance so much fun and interesting to learn!

Dance is a movement of the body to the beats of  music,  expressing feelings or emotions or what you call ‘RASA’ in bharatanatyam..And that is exactly what dance is to me.. joy and happiness..

My journey in dance started when my mother first enrolled me in freestyle at  Urhythmix as part of the summer camp. I was  2.5 years and barely managed to get get the steps right but absolutely enjoyed it. A big thank you to my first dance teacher  Ragini Chandran who made dance so much fun and interesting to learn!

As part of Urhythmix, I got to be part of several stage performances , won couple of awards – Rising Star and Showstopper and the likes . These performances built my confidence even further.

Looking at my teachers Ragini Chandran and Aditi Ashok  ,  I was inspired to join classical form of dance.  Hence I  joined bharatnatyam at Urhythmix  and Kathak classes at Abhinava Dance Company, when I turned six  , both of which I continue to learn.

As a little kid, I was inclined towards kathak since there was a lot of twirling and foot tapping unlike in bharatanatyam there was a lot of Aramandi which was anything but easy !

And then we had our first composition in Bharatnatyam and there was no question of this or that…I started appreciating and enjoying both the styles !

Be it Kathak or Bharatnatyam,
every stage performance made me realise how much I love classical dance…the lights..the dress…the makeup, jewellery ….the music ofcourse.

Thanks to all the dance performances at both my dance schools that significantly boosted my self confidence .

And definitely a big thank you to my gurus and family who trusted me and supported me on this journey through these years .

Most people are motivated  or inspired by a person or a TED talk …but for me, dance is the one thing that motivates me to do my best in everything I do…

The moment I set foot on stage I feel a sense of pride, determination and the urge to do the best I have ever done in my life at anything ever…And once the dance is over I feel a gush of  satisfaction overwhelm me..On the day of the show, when the names of our whole Bharatnatyam group was announced  as first place, I unlocked a new emotion  – crying out of joy..happy tears!

It was the best feeling ever….the whole experience was simply wonderful; dancing with friends, practicing together late nights, worrying about our  performance whether we would win or lose .

A few months ago in April 2023,   we got an opportunity to perform at the Dance World Cup Qualifiers qualifiers .

Dance World Cup ( is  an international dance competition with over 120,000 competitors from 62 countries competing at their country qualifiers.
Over 6000 dancers  from over 50 countries attend the finals held in a different European country each year.  This year’s Dance World Cup World finals was held at Braga, Portugal this month.

My team ( Harini Arunmozhi, Keerthana Karthik, Sanjana and Sai Bhavani )and I from our dance school Urhythmix  trained by Guru Vidushi Samyuktha Shankar, represented India in the Senior Small Group National and Folklore dance category and won the Gold cup with an overall score of  95.7.

The scoring criteria included technical level of the dance, choreography, originality of the work, quality in execution, artistic interpretation and expression.

A very big big thank you to my Gurus for their trust in me, my Family who supported me through everything that got me till here, my school for all the permission,  approvals and notes support and my dearest friends who cheered Team India all the way through!

These memories and experience wouldn’t have been possible if not for this one big large family.

The joy of holding India flag and to hear them play our national anthem when we received our cup was an absolute bliss !

Thank you everyone and absolutely grateful !