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RoboCupJunior (RCJ)

Robotics Competition:

RoboCupJunior (RCJ) is one of the best Robotics International competitions. It is a division of Robocup organization. It focuses on education and aims to introduce the larger goals of the RoboCup project (creating robots) at primary and secondary level.
RCJ organizes 3 types of competitions namely: Rescue, on stage (Formerly Dance) and Soccer. The first international RoboCupJunior competition was held in Melbourne, Australia in 2000. Since then, it has been held in different countries every year. In 2014, it was held in Brazil, 2015 in China and in 2016 it was held in Germany.  Indian RoboCupJunior Foundation has sent teams to Brazil, China and to Germany.

The Indian competitions will be held at Regional, Zonal and at National level.  The regional competitions will be held in various cities and later the Zonal competitions will be held at 4 zones, namely, South, North, East and West.

The South Zone competitions was held on 12th November 2016 at Army Public School, Kamaraj Road, (Near M.G. Road) Bangalore.

THEME: RESCUE Competition

The competition mission is to locate natural disaster victims from a building, where the rescue personnel in place need robotic assistance in dangerous areas.
The Robot has to be fully autonomous and carry out the mission with no help. This means that it must handle rough terrain (speed bumps) without getting stuck and claim ramps. When the robot finally finds the victim then it has to carefully transport it to a safe area where humans can take over.
In South zone Regional level 12 different schools took part in robot rescue competition
From Greenwood High International School following students took part in this competition:

Team -1 

1. Aadit  Kolav          – 7D
2. Pranav  Karthik     – 7D
3. Aryan Jain            – 7D


1. Palki Gupta             – 8B
2. Hruday  Tirumalai     – 8C


1. Adarsh  Srinivasan     – 9E
2. Ratan Shankar          – 9E
3. Arjit VN Dogiparthi     – 9E
4. Aditya P Uchil            – 9A


1. Ashish Priyadarshi      – 9D
2. Harshi  Mamidi           – 9C
3. Arpit  Bhata                – 9B


GRADE-9 (TEAM-4): Ashish Priyadarshi-9D, Harshil Mamidi-9C, Arpit Bhata -9B WON 2ND PLACE AND QUALIFIED FOR NATIONALS AND

ANOTHER GRADE-9 (TEAM -3 ) Adarsh Srinivasan -9E,  Ratan Shankar -9E,  Arjit VN Dogiparthi-9E, Aditya P Uchil  -9A WON BEST PROGRAMMING SKILLS AWARD.

The teams selected from each zone will compete at National competition which will be held in the month of January 2017.