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Uttarakhand Trip

Clouds covering the mountains, fresh cold breeze softly caressing your face, Fir and pine tree amidst the mighty Ganges making a soothing view to your eyes and the Nilgiri trees spreading the natural fragrance welcomes you to Dev-bhoomi – our very own Uttarakhand.

Camp Misty Mountains –

The next three days were filled with excitement and tranquil moments amidst nature.

The meditation amid the trees made the day, energetic and refreshing. Students enjoyed the trekking, rock climbing and rappelling activities all under the supervision of trained expertise.

The trek to Tiger falls with a mesmerizing view of the snow-capped Himalayan range was a visual feast and the students soaked themselves with the pure splashes of the falls.

The countryside shopping at a local market in Chakrata where our students purchased souvenirs for their loved ones and the sunset viewpoint added to an exciting experience for all. The Julkiya Danda trek was another enthralling trekking experience that one would wish to go often.

The visit to the local school at Chakrata was a humbling and enriching experience for our students who were amazed with their simplicity, innocence, and talents. Our students were warmly welcomed with beautiful smiles and pure hearts, where both showcased their talents, played games, and sang along to melodious tunes. The students distributed gifts and even exchanged phone numbers to keep the connect on.

Special thanks to Trailblazers team for organizing Avantika’s surprise birthday celebration that added to her cheery memories at the camp.

With all these wonderful memories of different activities Batch 3 of grade 8 expressed their gratitude by presenting them with a THANK YOU card and money to the drivers for driving them safely through all the foggy ,wavy roads of Chakrata and to the cook for providing a sumptuous meal of varied varieties on all the days of the camp.

Camp River Rocks –

A tiring yet exciting and beautiful journey was greeted by the sound of gushing and mighty Alakananda River at the Camp High 5 campsite at Jayalgarh, Uttarakhand, adding to the eagerness of the view that would greet us in daylight.

The snow-capped mountains and the mighty river flowing below was a sight to behold as we sipped our morning Tea from the river cliff. A perfect and tranquil getaway amidst nature.

The next three days were filled with enthralling experiences where our students enjoyed body surfing, kayaking, a short trek ending with rappelling amidst a forest, bridge slithering and the most popular and exciting activity – River rafting for a 12km stretch in the Alakananda River starting from a point at Srinagar, Uttarakhand to the banks of the river at our campsite. Teachers and students alike wanted more of it and are sure awaiting their next river-rafting experience.

The visit to a local village and school was an enriching and humbling experience for our students who were overwhelmed with the warmth of the locals and children. They sang along and played games with the students and distributed sweets and gifts to the children at the Local school. Our students were touched by their innocence and love.